Tabooma Flyers


Tabooma Flyers is a nonprofit, member owned and operated flying club, operating a 1979 Gulfstream American (Grumman) Tiger out of Pearson Field (VUO) in Vancouver, Washington, just 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon.

Our Airplane

N4542L is a 1979 Gulfstream American (Grumman) Tiger (AA-5B/G).

Excellent condition. Updated paint and leather interior. Approximately 3375 hours TT, 650 SMOH.

  • 180HP Four Seat IFR airplane
  • Cruises at 138 kts. @ approx. 10 gal/hr
  • Narco CP 135 audio panel
  • Narco COM 120
  • Apollo GX60 GPS/com — IFR Certified GPS
  • Narco nav 121 w/GS
  • Narco Nav 122
  • Century IIB autopilot
  • Narco AT150 transponder
  • Narco ELT 10
  • JPI EGT — 100 — 4 cylinder engine monitor
  • Sensenich propeller
  • Wingtip strobes
  • Wingtip landing lights
  • Electric aileron trim
  • Four place intercom

The plane is based at Pearson Field (VUO) in Vancouver, Washington (9 miles north of downtown Portland, Oregon). This is the closest non-towered, general aviation airport to downtown Portland, Oregon.

The Club

Tabooma Flyers is an independent, member owned and operated, Oregon nonprofit corporation.

We are not currently welcoming new members to the club. However, we will keep contact information on file, in the event circumstances change.

For more information or to arrange a free introductory flight in the Tiger, please contact us.

    • Fractional ownership/equity buy-in: $7,100.
    • Monthly dues: approximately $225 (depends on actual operating expenses and membership count).
    • Monthly dues include one free hour of flying time per month.
    • Flying costs (for hours above one per month): $35 per tach hour, dry (does not include fuel).